HD Scorpions Greatest Ballads

Scorpions Greatest Ballads

На Амуре 479 роликов

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0:00:00 Always Somewhere
0:04:58 Daddy's Girl
0:09:17 Believe In Love
0:14:13 Born To Touch Your Feelings
0:21:13 Holiday
0:27:45 Is There Anybody
0:31:47 Lady Starlight
0:38:01 Life´s Is Like A River
0:41:49 Lonely Nights
0:46:35 No One Like You
0:50:34 Rhyhm Of Love
0:54:25 Send Me An Angel
0:58:59 Still Loving You
1:05:28 Under The Same Sun
1:10:23 When The Smoke Is Going Down
1:14:15 White Dove
1:18:36 Wind Of Change

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