HD Tchaikovsky The Seasons Чайковский Времена года Valentina Lisitsa

Tchaikovsky The Seasons Чайковский Времена года Valentina Lisitsa
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Ирина Ильина 63 ролика

Recorded at marvelous Schaubühne Lindenfels Leipzig Many thanks to MDR Leipzig Radio Symphony Orchestra for lending me the piano :)A HUGE very special thanks going to The Embassy of Russian Federation in Canada (Ottawa), Russian Ambassador to Canada Alexander Darchiev and Press Secretary of Russian Embassy Kirill Kalinin — for «making» me learn this gem of music for a special concert dedicated to Tchaikovsky's 175th anniversary. Janvier (January): Au coin du feu (At the Fireside)JanuaryA little corner of peaceful bliss,the night dressed in twilight;the little fire is dying in the fireplace,and the candle has burned out.(Alexander Pushkin)Février (February): Carnaval (Carnival)5:36 FebruaryAt the lively Mardi Grassoon a large feast will overflow.(Pyotr Vyazemsky)9:09 Mars (March): Chant de l'alouette (Song of the Lark)MärzThe field shimmering with flowers,the stars swirling in the heavens,the song of the larkfills the blue abyss.(Apollon Maykov)12:24 Avril (April): Perce-neige (Snowdrop)AprilThe blue, pure snowdrop — flower,and near it the last snowdrops.The last tears over past griefs,and first dreams of another happiness.(A. Maykov)15:22 Mai (May): Les nuits de mai (Starlit Nights)MaiWhat a night!What bliss all about!I thank my native north country!From the kingdom of ice,snowstorms and snow,how fresh and clean May flies in!(Afanasy Fet)21:12 Juin (June): Barcarolle (Barcarolle)JuneLet us go to the shore;there the waves will kiss our feet.With mysterious sadnessthe stars will shine down on us.(Aleksey Pleshcheyev)27:52 Juillet (July): Chant du faucheur (Song of the Reaper)JulyMove the shoulders,shake the arms!And the noon windbreathes in the face!(Aleksey Koltsov)30:03 Août (August): La moisson (Harvest)AugustThe harvest has grown,people in families cutting the tall rye down to the root!Put together the haystacks,music screeching all night from the hauling carts.(A. Koltsov)33:54 Septembre (September): La chasse (Hunting)SeptemberIt is time!The horns are sounding!The hunters in their hunting dress are mounted on their horses;in early dawn the borzois are jumping.(A. Pushkin, Graf Nulin)36:55 Octobre (October): Chant d'automne (Autumn Song)OctoberAutumn, our poor garden is all falling down,the yellowed leaves are flying in the wind.(Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy)43:32 Novembre (November): Troïka (Troika)NovemberIn your loneliness do not look at the road,and do not rush out after the troika.Suppress at once and forever the fear of longing in your heart.(Nikolay Nekrasov)47:12 Décembre (December): Noël (Christmas)DecemberOnce upon a Christmas night the girls were telling fortunes:taking their slippers off their feet and throwing them out of the gate.(Vasily Zhukovsky)
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