HD Mohini Tamil Full Movie | Trisha | Jackky Bhagnani

Mohini Tamil Full Movie | Trisha | Jackky Bhagnani
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A spirit takes revenge on a few people by entering into the body of its lookalike.Mohini review: Mohini is another horror film that follows the tried-and-tested path. However, it falls short when it comes to the emotions and an engaging screenplay to hold the audiences' attention. Vaishnavi (Trisha), a popular chef, goes to London with her assistants Balki (Swaminathan) and Panju (Yogi Babu). She meets Sandeep (Jackky Bhagnani) and falls for him in no time. He even introduces Vaishnavi to her mother (Poornima). One day, when she and her friends are enjoying a boat trip, she gets a conch shell. A spirit, that of Mohini (another role by Trisha), enters her body when she blows it. Her housemates understand that she has been possessed by an evil spirit and start getting scared with her presence. In a strange twist, Vaishnavi aka Mohini finds that Sandeep is connected to the antagonist (Mukesh Tiwari), and she decides to finish off both. Sensing the return of Mohini, those who tortured her to death seek support from a monk.Directed by Ramana MadheshProduced by S. Lakshman KumarWritten by Ramana MadheshStarring TrishaJackky BhagnaniMusic by Vivek-Mervin (Songs)Aruldev (Background Score)Cinematography R. B. GurudevEdited by Dinesh PonrajProductioncompanyMarvel Worth ProductionsDistributed by Prince PicturesSubscribe Uie Movies for Latest Movies: Us: Association with Divo
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